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"Ethiopia has a proud and long history extending to the known beginnings of humankind. The fossils of our species' earliest known ancestor [Lucy...] were found in the Danakil Depression in north-east Ethiopia. The Axumite Kingdom was one of the great civilizations of the ancient world and has left behind the mystery of the great stellae found at Axum. At Lalibela, churches hewn out of massive monolithic rock testify not only to great faith but also to great architectural skills. And in the former capital of Ethiopia, Gondar, many magnificent castles speak of the same legacy.

All these would be enough to make Ethiopia a fascinating place to visit and travel through, but Ethiopia has so much more to offer. You can explore great rivers and lakes including Lake Tana, the source of the majestic Blue Nile whose valley is one of the world's greatest, longest and deepest gorges.

In the Great Rift Valley, a necklace of beautiful lakes lies beneath the splendid panorama of the Bale Mountains. And in the east, the walled city of Harar speaks of other old civilizations and great faiths, such as Islam. Many kilometers north of there lies the Danakil Depression, one of the world's most inhospitable but nonetheless dramatic [lunar like] landscapes which is also one of the hottest places on earth. Wherever you go on your journey through Ethiopia you will find many things to enjoy and marvel over, and you can at all times be sure of the warm hospitality of the Ethiopian people."
Source: Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia

One of the most accredited and experienced sister tour company of ours offers you the following tour programs for the year 2011 covering all major tourist destinations in Ethiopia.

  • DFD-01-2011: Classic Historic Route with Simien Mountains
    Duration: 9 days and 8 nights
    Route: Historic Route with Simien Mountains National Park

    This itinerary is designed for travelers who want to visit the northern historical attractions but don’t have much time. Visitors will cover all the important sites in the Historic circuit by flying from one site to the other. It also includes a visit to the Simien Mountains National Park, which is the only natural site of the country that is registered by UNESCO as a world Heritage.
    Full detail here

  • DFD-02-2011: Exploring the Historic Route
    Duration: 15 days and 14 nights
    Route: Historic Route with Simien Mountains and Tigray Rock Hewn churches - Full drive

    This well paced itinerary enables you discover almost all the historical attractions of the northern Ethiopia. It offers a relaxed visit of the churches of Lalibela- the major attraction. As you drive from one spot to the other, you can also visit the attractive countryside and interact with the local people and see their way of life.
    Full detail here

  • DFD-03-2011: Historic Route Highlights
    Duration: 7 days and 6 nights
    Route: Historic Route by flight

    This itinerary is designed for travelers who want to visit the northern historical attractions but don’t have much time. Visitors will cover all the important sites in the Historic circuit by flying from one site to the other.
    Full detail here

  • DFD-04-2011: Omo valley Cultural Safari
    Duration: 11 days and 10 nights
    Route: Cultural route of Southern Ethiopia - Omo valley tribes
    Full detail here

  • DFD-05-2011: The Best of Ethiopia
    Duration: 18 days and 17 nights
    Route: Historic route and Omo valley tribes
    Full detail here

  • DFD-06-2011: Grand Tribal Culture Expedition
    Duration: 16 days and 15 nights
    Route: Omo valley - Surma, Mursi, Hamer, Karo, Dasenech, Konso, Agnuak, Nuer, etc tribes
    Full detail here

  • DFD-07-2011: Expedition to Danakil and Tigray Rock hewn Churches
    Duration: 10 days and 9 nights
    Route: Danakil Depression and Tigray Rock Hewn Churches
    Full detail here

  • DFD-08-2011: Hiking in the Simien Mountains- Roof of Africa
    Duration: 12 days and 11 nights
    Route: Simien Mountains, Gondar and Laliebla
    Full detail here

  • Extension Tours
    Option I: Harar
    Day 1: Addis – Dire Dawa – Harar
    Day 2: Harar – Dire Dawa – Addis + departure

    Option II: Harar and Awash National park
    Day 1: Addis – Awash
    Day 2: Awash – Harar
    Day 3: Harar – Dire Dawa – Addis + departure

    Option III: Rift Valley Lakes
    Day 1: Addis-Adadi Mariam-Tiya-Langano
    Day 2: Langano – Abiyatta Shalla NP - Awassa
    Day 3: Awassa – Addis

    Full detail here

    Option IV: Wonchi Crater lake and Ambo
    Day 1: Addis – Wenchi – Ambo
    Day 2: Ambo – Addis

    Option V: Omo Valley tribes
    Day 1: Sun- Fly Addis – Arba Minch & drive to Turmi
    Day 2: Mon - Turmi - Murulle – Turmi
    Day 3: Tue - Drive to Arbaminch
    Day 4: Wed - Fly to Addis Ababa

    Option V: Lalibela
    Day 1: Fly Addis- Lalibela
    Day 2: Lalibela
    Day 3: Fly Lalibela – Addis

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