"We've been using Ethiopiahotelguide.com for several years. They get us excellent rates, respond quickly to any changes in plans, either of dates or facilities, and refunds are processed promptly and cheerfully. We trust them and feel confident in their service."
Visitors from the U.S.

"... now I'm back home in Barcelona and very happy with my second visit in your country. Everyone I know has been very nice and friendly. I just want to tell you that I'm very thankful for all your help and I'll make sure everyone around me will know about your effective and quick contact.
Thanks again and best regards, keep it up!"
Barcelona, Spain

"Your hotel guide was really very useful to us, and I would not have found this option without it. Also, the guest house was listed as adoption friendly, which also counted to some extent."
Oslo, Norway

"...and thank you very much for all your assistance in this regard - I very much appreciate it."
Dr. H.A
The University of Warwick, UK

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