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Abesha Restaurant
Ethiopian food and drink
Address: Bole Road, near Sabit Bldg (around bole Shoa Supermarket)
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Tel: 011-5518358
Asqual Ethiopian Traditional Restaurant
"We love to say YES"
Address: In front of DH Geda Tower, Bole Road
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Bonne Annee
Best known for Ethiopian traditional Shiro (curry) and Tibs (grill)
Address: From Olympia to Meskel Flower Hotel, nrea Dreamliner Hotel
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Tel: 011-4166200
Ensera Traditonal Restaurant
One of the prominent restaurants in Addis
Address: Wehalimat-Atlas road, near Nyala insurance
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Tel: 0911-653611
Enset Restaurant
The place for Kitfo and Gomenbesega best replica watches
Address: Meskel Flower Area
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Eyhoa Traditional Restaurant
One of the newest Ethiopian Traditional Food restaurants in Addis
Address: Wollo Sefer, next to Felix Supermarket
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Tel: 011-4666693/9667
Fasika National Restaurant
Another traditional restaurant frequented by locals as well as foreigners
Address: Bole Road, opposite Sunshine HQ
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Home Launge
The place for Bozena Shiro and Gomenbesega
Address: Behind Mega Bldg, Bole
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Lucy Gazebo & Restaurant
Amazing in door and out door atmosphere, scenic garden, and national crafts all at once.
Address: Inside the National Museum compound
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Shangri La Restaurant
One of the top Ethiopian Traditional Restaurants in Addis
Address: Atlas-Bole road, Near European Commission (EC) in Addis
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Tel: 011-6632424
Totot Ethiopian Traditional Resturant
One of the known traditional restaurants in Addis
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The Meat Place!
Address: Ethio-China Road
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Yena Kitfo
Yena is one of the specialized restaurants on Kitfo - traditional food of the Gurage Society known for being business minded. Located near Bole Medhanialem Church
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YOD Abyssinia
Ethiopia's "Cultural Ambassador"
Address: Two Locations: Bole Medhaniyalem area next to Brass Hospital and Sar Bet in front of Ethio Telecom
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Tel: 0116-612985
Fax: 0116-639827

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