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Hotels are organized by main tourist or business cities: Addis Ababa, Gondar, Awassa, Bahir Dar, Axum, Lalibela, Arbaminch ... or by room rate range or by discount providing facilities.

Browse Discount Offers in Addis Ababa

Tazina Guest House
Rates from $30 (Save $5)
Mimosa Hotel
Rates from $30 (Save $3)
Nigist Towers Guest House
Rates from $79 (Save $6)
Bole Rock
Rates from $59 (Save $3)
Hamonah Guest House
Rates from $43 (Save $3)
Kefetew Guest House
Rates from $75 (Save $10)
Renaissance Apartment Hotel
Rates from $98 (Save $5)
Lions Den Hotel
Rates from $85 (Save $10)
Bole Ambassador Hotel
Rates from $102 (Save $26)
Kaleb Hotel (AA)
Rates from $90 (Save $9)
Dreamliner Hotel
Rates from $102 (Save $27)
Pacific Hotel
Rates from $60 (Save $10)
Jupiter Hotel (Bole)
Rates from $125 (Save $25)
Adot Tina Hotel
Rates from $89 (Save $10)
Diplomat Furnished Apartment
Rates from $109 (Save $29)
Jupiter Hotel (Cazanchis)
Rates from $125 (Save $25)
Churchill Hotel
Rates from $120 (Save $30)
Intercontinental Hotel
Rates from $175 (Save $25)

Most Frequently Booked Accomodations in Addis Ababa

La Source Guest House
Rates from $31
FREE Breakfast and airport pickup.
Mimosa Hotel
Rates from $30
FREE Breakfast, laundry (wet) broadband Internet and Airport shuttle
Jupiter Hotel (Cazanchis)
Rates from $125
FREE Breakfast, Internet, two way airport shuttle and gym.
Adot Tina Hotel
Rates from $89
FREE Airport shuttle, buffet breakfast, broadband Internet, steam and sauna.
Intercontinental Hotel
Rates from $175
FREE Breakfast, Internet, gym, steam, sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool. AIRPORT SHUTTLE COST: USD 5/PERSON/TRIP
Jupiter Hotel (Bole)
Rates from $125
FREE Breakfast, high speed Internet, gym, sauna, steam and local calls.
Weygoss Guest House
Rates from $35
FREE Breakfast and WiFi Internet. Airport pick up costs USD 10/trip
Dreamliner Hotel
Rates from $102
FREE Full buffet breakfast, two way airport transfer, High speed broadband Internet and gym.
Bole Rock
Rates from $59
FREE Airport shuttle, breakfast, broadband Internet, gym, steam, sauna, swimming pool

Browse Adoption Friendly Accomodations in Addis Ababa

Addis View Hotel (65 - 85 USD)
Adot Tina Hotel (89 - 159 USD)
Afro Land Lodge (44 - 56 USD)
Amanaya Guest House (65 - 65 USD)
Babogaya Lake Viewpoint Lodge (33 - 46 USD)
Blue Star Guest House ( - USD)
Bole Rock (59 - 79 USD)
City Guest House (90 - 150 USD)
D Guest House (Rateneh) (29 - 45 USD)
Edsonatra Guest House (35 - 69 USD)
Ethio Comfort Guest House ( - USD)
Ezana Pension ( - USD)
GT Guest House (43 - 138 USD)
Hamonah Guest House (43 - 80 USD)
La Source Guest House (31 - 46 USD)
Lions Den Hotel (85 - 110 USD)
Olympus Guest House (55 - 100 USD)
Orange Lion Guest House (35 - 50 USD)
Panorama Hotel (76 - 139 USD)
Sadula Hotel (61 - 102 USD)
Sidama Lodge (76 - 203 USD)
Stone Age Guest House ( - USD)
Tina Guest House (30 - 60 USD)
Weygoss Guest House (35 - 100 USD)
WSG Guesthouse ( - USD)
YGF Hotel (48 - 48 USD)
Z Guest House (30 - 60 USD)

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Browse by City

Adama (3 accomodations) Adama
Addis Ababa (234 accomodations) Addis Ababa The Capital of Ethiopia. Also drubbed as The Political Capital of Africa
Afar (1 accomodations) Afar One of the lowest altitudes in the world.
Alem Gena (1 accomodations) Alem Gena A flourishing town just 19 kms away from Addis. Know for the large flower farms around the area.
Ankober (2 accomodations) Ankober A historic city 172 km North East of Addis
Arba Minch (8 accomodations) Arba Minch One of the must see destinations in Ethiopia 505 mks far from Addis
Assela (2 accomodations) Assela One of the towns 175 km South East of Addis; it is rich in agricultural products.
Awassa (15 accomodations) Awassa One of the fastest growing and tourist destinations in South Ethiopia. 273 kms away from Addis.
Axum (6 accomodations) Axum Travel 1,024 kms from Addis and you will find this city of 2,000-years-old stelae fields and tombs.
Bahir Dar (24 accomodations) Bahir Dar It is a city of the source of the Blue Nile. 560kms from Addis.
Bale-Robe (1 accomodations) Bale-Robe The major town in Bale 430kms from Addis
Bure (1 accomodations) Bure AMHARA REGION
Chagni (3 accomodations) Chagni AMHARA REGION
Dangla (4 accomodations) Dangla AMHARA REGION
Debark (5 accomodations) Debark AMHARA REGION
Debre Berhan (5 accomodations) Debre Berhan
Debre Libanos (1 accomodations) Debre Libanos
Debre Zeit (10 accomodations) Debre Zeit 42 kms South of Addis, it is famous for its lakes and the surrounding beauty.
Dire Dawa (5 accomodations) Dire Dawa A city 515kms fr from Addis rapidly becoming a popular destination for once-a-year religious event around 26 -28 July for Orthodox Christians.
Dukem (3 accomodations) Dukem One of the growing towns just 37kms away on the road from Addis to Nazareth
Gambella (1 accomodations) Gambella 770kms from Addis, it is a growing town on the border to Sudan. Easier to travel to South Sudan.
Goba (1 accomodations) Goba Ethiopia's most unusual tourist attraction place 455kms far from Addis where you can see the Sof omar cave and endemic mamals -Red Fox, Mountain Nyala and Menelik's Bush
Gonder (34 accomodations) Gonder The 17th century imperial capital of Ethiopia with a number of dramatic Castles! It is 738kms North of Addis.
Harrar (5 accomodations) Harrar Known for its ancient walled parts of the city, narrow alleyways, incense, and unique handicrafts. 526kms East of Addis.
Hossaena (1 accomodations) Hossaena A south town 232 km from Addis
Jimma (2 accomodations) Jimma One of the most prominent cities in Ethiopia 346kms away from Addis. The source of one of the finest Ethiopian Coffees.
Jinka (1 accomodations) Jinka One of the famous tourist destinations in Ethiopia
Kombolcha (1 accomodations) Kombolcha One of the growing cities in Wollo Area
Lalibela (22 accomodations) Lalibela One of the oldest cities 700 KM North of Addis Ababa. Home to 11 rock-hewn churches. The venue for some of the most famous church festivals in Ethiopia, a visit during the great celebrations of Genna (X-mas) and Timket (Epiphany)
Langano (4 accomodations) Langano One of the top natural travel destinations about 210kms South of Addis
Mekele (18 accomodations) Mekele One of the oldest and most important northern cities of Ethiopia; Mekele is 783kms from Addis.
Meki (1 accomodations) Meki One of the important market cities about 135 km away from Addis
Modjo (1 accomodations) Modjo A small and fast developing city about 75 kms from Addis.
Moyale (1 accomodations) Moyale The border town with Kenya 775kms East from Addis
Nazareth (15 accomodations) Nazareth One of the popular weekend destinations for locals. About 100kms East from Addis.
Shashemene (2 accomodations) Shashemene 250kms South East of Addis. Call it "Little Jamica" for you will find thousands of Jamicans there.
Shire (1 accomodations) Shire One of the frequented destinations in Tigray Regional Government
Turmi (2 accomodations) Turmi Where the famous Hamer people live 850km south of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.
Wolayta Sodo (2 accomodations) Wolayta Sodo The city of one of the oldest kingdoms in Ethiopia about 360kms from Addis
Woldiya (1 accomodations) Woldiya One of the oldest cities 520 Km North of Addis Ababa
Wolisso (1 accomodations) Wolisso A gate-away town 116 kms from Addis
Wondogenet (1 accomodations) Wondogenet A poplar local destination 267 kms away from Addis Ababa with picturesque landscapes and breath taking nature
Yirgalem (1 accomodations) Yirgalem A city 317 kms South of Addis. One of the densely vegetated places in Ethiopia, near Awassa
Ziway (4 accomodations) Ziway A small commercial city 160kms South of Addis becoming popular for cut flower farms
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